Reflections on the Poppy on the Poppy

In yesterday’s session we focused again in part of the session on the poppy and its symbolism. This led us to producing some creative writing pieces which you can read it here. <img src="http://ww1journeys lose belly fat×150.jpg” alt=”Symbolism-of-the-poppy-00″ width=”100″ height=”100″ /> prev next jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(“#minigallery86”).carouFredSel({ next : “#minigallery86_next”, prev : “#minigallery86_prev”, auto: false, circular: false, infinite: true, width: “100%”, scroll: { items : 1 } }); });

Learning about Family History research about Family History research

Karen has done a lot of family history research. This is how she has learned about what happened to her grandfathers in WW1. In our session Karen told us all about how she had traced the history of her family and showed us some early photos of them. She then helped us to begin to map out our own family trees. We each took three sheets of paper to do…Keep Reading

A Trip to the Battlefields of WW1 Trip to the Battlefields of WW1

54 Year 10 pupils visited the WW1 battlefields area of Belgium and France from Thursday 13 – Saturday 15 November 2014. After an early start at 5.45am on the Thursday morning the group travelled by coach and ferry to the Belgian town of Ypres where we visited the excellent ‘In Flanders Fields’ museum, located within the Cloth Hall, rebuilt during the 1920s having been almost totally destroyed by artillery fire…Keep Reading

The Muddy Choir

The Muddy Choir

I went to see The Muddy Choir on the 24 October when it was performed in the Henry Morris Hall. I was very excited that a new piece had been created by the renowned Theatre Centre, having enjoyed their previous work. The play tells the story of three soldiers, Will, Robbie and Jumbo, who are thrust into a landscape markedly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland…Keep Reading

Making a trailer a trailer

In this session we worked on making a trailer. We’ve been wanting to do this for the past few weeks to advertise our project more widely around the school and to encourage others to join us. We thought about the words that WW1 conjured up to us on the basis of what we had learned to date and each choose a word to write out on a red card. We…Keep Reading

We remember – 11 November 2014

We remember – 11 November 2014

A Year 8 pupil played the Last Post at Sawston Village College this morning as the school observed a two-minute silence. <iframe src="//player fastest way to lose belly″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ title=”The Last Post – Sawston Village College, 11 November 2014″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen>


In our recent session we heard some letters written back from the front from men from Whittlesford. We discussed what we could learn from these letters and then also had the opportunity to use our historian, Dr Sean Lang, as a resource, asking him questions we wanted to know the answers to. We asked many questions, including what was the role of the navy in the war, and what happened…Keep Reading

Project Trailer Trailer

We’ve decided that we need to promote our Project and so are planning to make a short trailer over the next couple of weeks. We’re beginning to think of ideas and are looking forward to doing some filming. Keep checking out our posts to see what we produce.

A Ceremonial Sword and Letters from WW1 Ceremonial Sword and Letters from WW1

A pupil in Year 9 was able to bring in a ceremonial sword used in WW1 for the project group to look at, as well as some letters. The sword belonged to his great-great-grandfather, while the letters where from his great-great-uncle, his grandfather’s brother. One of the letters detailed how much his great-great-grandfather was to be paid and what allowance he was to receive for his uniform.

The Poppy Poppy

As 11 November approaches, we looked the significance of the poppy in remembrance. We discussed the current Ceramic Poppy artwork ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ at the Tower of London. When the work is complete, there will be 888,246 poppies in the installation, each commemorating a British military fatality during the war. We also discussed the names being read out on the Roll of Honour at the Tower…Keep Reading