Getting started

At our first session we asked what young people wanted to gain from taking part in this project. Some of the responses we received are given below.


I think I will learn a lot from this project about the first WW.

Stephanie, 11


I think I’ll be able to know more about WW1 and gain knowledge.

Oliver, 11


I hope to gain the knowledge about what WW1 was like and to have fun whilst learning about it.

Chloe, 12


I want more experience in stuff like this. I want more knowledge of life back then and how daily life went.

Eylem, 12


I hope to learn about people’s personal experiences during the war.

Cara, 13


I hope to gain the knowledge of what it would have been like to live during WW1, and how it felt to be in the war.

Natasha, 13


I would like to gain my Silver Arts Award.

Joshua, 13


I would like a better understanding of the experiences the soldiers fighting in the trenches had.

Sophie, 14


I would like to learn about everyday life for both soldiers and civilians. I am hoping to learn more about the dates and events within the war.

Orly, 14


I would like to learn what the lives of WW1 soldiers were like. I would also like to be involved as I would like to improve my leadership skills.

Benjamin, 15


I hope to learn more about WW1 and gain more knowledge. I’m hoping that the experience will widen my perspective on our history.

Sofia, 15


I would like to be able to gain more understanding of life fighting on both sides. I would like to be able to put something forward to say we remember and finally leave something special behind for when we go.

Eleanor, 15


I would like to gain a much more detailed view on specific cases to gain further knowledge.

Olivia, 15