Paul Thun’s Feet Thun’s Feet

In Paul’s Diary we learned about how far he had to march and the effect this had on his feet. The relevant extract is included below: ‘… During the evening we reached a bigger town. We were not to get into our quarters but had to march up a hill to defend this, as the French were supposed to attack us. We could not see anybody. A lot of valuable…Keep Reading

Trip to the Imperial War Museum, London to the Imperial War Museum, London

We had a great trip to the Imperial War Museum and we were really pleased that the community members who have been working with us on the project were able to join us. Sean Lang has been to the museum many times so was able to lead us to the correct entrance. We had to leave our lunches and bags and then we split into two groups. One group went…Keep Reading

Sculpture Project gets underway Project gets underway

We had a meeting to discuss what we need to consider when thinking about designs for our planned sculpture in the Principal’s Garden. Our aim is to have the sculpture commemorate WW1 and so it was important to begin by looking at other commemorative works of art. Our session was led by Assistant Principal James Woodcock. We were also joined by some members of the South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine…Keep Reading

Thinking like Sherlock like Sherlock

With Christmas fast approaching we discussed the Christmas Truce of 1914 in our most recent session. This came about as we’d all recently seen the Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement which focuses on the Truce and the football match which is supposed to have taken place, and we were keen to discuss whether we thought it right to use such an event to promote a supermarket. Discussion of this then led us…Keep Reading

We learn about Harry Clarke learn about Harry Clarke

In our recent session we learned from Karen about her grandfather Harry Clarke. From an interview with the local paper in January 1919, we discovered that Harry had been taken prisoner on Christmas day in 1914. He had been one of a group of about 14 who had got cut off. From where they were, they could hear the German soldiers about 50 yards away. They used up all their…Keep Reading

Our Trailer is here!

Our Trailer is here!

We’re really pleased that we’ve finished our trailer for our project. We hope you like it.  

Reflections on the Poppy on the Poppy

In yesterday’s session we focused again in part of the session on the poppy and its symbolism. This led us to producing some creative writing pieces which you can read it here. <img src="http://ww1journeys lose belly fat×150.jpg” alt=”Symbolism-of-the-poppy-00″ width=”100″ height=”100″ /> prev next jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $(“#minigallery86”).carouFredSel({ next : “#minigallery86_next”, prev : “#minigallery86_prev”, auto: false, circular: false, infinite: true, width: “100%”, scroll: { items : 1 } }); });

Learning about Family History research about Family History research

Karen has done a lot of family history research. This is how she has learned about what happened to her grandfathers in WW1. In our session Karen told us all about how she had traced the history of her family and showed us some early photos of them. She then helped us to begin to map out our own family trees. We each took three sheets of paper to do…Keep Reading

A Trip to the Battlefields of WW1 Trip to the Battlefields of WW1

54 Year 10 pupils visited the WW1 battlefields area of Belgium and France from Thursday 13 – Saturday 15 November 2014. After an early start at 5.45am on the Thursday morning the group travelled by coach and ferry to the Belgian town of Ypres where we visited the excellent ‘In Flanders Fields’ museum, located within the Cloth Hall, rebuilt during the 1920s having been almost totally destroyed by artillery fire…Keep Reading

The Muddy Choir

The Muddy Choir

I went to see The Muddy Choir on the 24 October when it was performed in the Henry Morris Hall. I was very excited that a new piece had been created by the renowned Theatre Centre, having enjoyed their previous work. The play tells the story of three soldiers, Will, Robbie and Jumbo, who are thrust into a landscape markedly different to the playing fields and estates of their Sunderland…Keep Reading