At the Challis Museum

For this session we visited the Challis Museum, a building which has only recently opened in Sawston. Mary Challis left her house and garden to the village of Sawston when she died, and a group of trustees has gradually been working to restore the house and garden so that it can be open to the public. The garden is very big and has lots of interesting plants to look at and spaces to explore. At the moment, the house has only had the ground floor restored, and work is continuing to restore the remaining floors of the house. The house is very centrally located on Sawston High Street, so it was very easy to walk there after school for our session.

When the museum opened to the public, the first exhibition was about WW1. This exhibition has now finished but Bryan Howe, archivist with Sawston Village History Society was able to collect some of the materials together for us. In particular, he had collected information about Traviss Teversham and so our visit to the Challis Museum gave us an opportunity to learn more about him. Bryan gave us some information about Traviss Teversham. We then had an opportunity to explore this and the exhibits he had brought for us to look at, before we then asked Bryan some question about Teversham. All in all, it was a great session and Pete Harmer, our filmmaker, was there to record everything.

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