Deciding on our Focus Themes

In our Drama workshops during the Easter holidays we decided what themes from the research materials we’ve looked at that we will focus on in detail. With Sean Lang’s help, we decided to look at the following themes:

  1. Recruitment and setting off to war
  2. Feet and health
  3. Prisoners
  4. Shooting civilians
  5. Cowards and medals wrongly earned
  6. Food and Hunger
  7. The end of the War

All of these themes come up for more than one soldier in the materials we’ve looked at and so we think they are worth focusing on in more detail. The ARU students will now research the wider context of these themes in relation to the War, while we’ll now concentrate on thinking about how we can present our findings through performance and film at the end of our project in July. There’s a lot to be done!

Deciding on our Focus Themes wordcloud 01

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