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In this session we looked at some paintings from WW1 painting and discussed the works together. We discussed the messages that the works conveyed and then also the styles the works had been created in.
We then worked to create our own works of art, using both writing and drawing. To make our works we followed the template below given to us by a member of staff.

Decision 1: Message – What are you going to say about the war?

WWI was shocking because it was…

monstrous    unnatural    inhumane    horrific    unheroic   makes people less human    unforgivable    a waste  sad    gruesome    futile (a waste of time and life)

Decision 2: Content  – What are you going to show in your painting?

living soldiers    dead soldiers    trenches    barbed wire    attacking    defending    shelling    shell shock    young soldiers    older soldiers    uniforms    families

what people thought it would have been like    mothers    fathers    leaders / officers    ordinary men    groups    Individuals   groups    weapons

Decision 3: Style – How are you going to show things?

realistic    grotesque    exaggerated    graphic    subtle   obvious    hidden    abstract    close-up    wide-angle    personal    impersonal    organic / natural    detailed

simple    machine-like    straight lines    curves    static / still    moving    anonymous

Decision 4: Light and Colour

dark    light    many colours    few colours    blocks of colour    merging colours    contrasting colours    similar / complementary colours    flecks of colour

light pinpointing something    bright, bold colours     shadow hiding something    subtle colours

Decision 5: Techniques & Materials  – How are you going to paint / make your art?

water colours    oil paints    collage    two-dimensional    three-dimensional    brushed    using a palette knife   finger painting    painting with a rag    controlled

uncontrolled   deliberate    random / accidental    pencil   charcoal    pen   sketch    loose (can see how it’s painted)   tight, precise (hard to see how it was painted)

thin, fine brush    thick, coarse brush

  • Why are you choosing these styles and techniques: what do they suggest about why the war was shocking?
  • How do they help to get across the message you chose?

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