Lots to be done

In this session we began to think about what kind of publication we might make to collect all our work together for sharing at the end of our project in July. We talked about perhaps showing modern pictures in sepia, about making our publication look old. We thought the cover should perhaps resemble some of the covers of the books we looked at which were published for young people during WW1. Should it be A4 or A5, portrait or landscape – we couldn’t decide. We thought choice of font was very important. We also thought it might be an idea to try to lay out our book as a timeline or make use of maps in some way. We then thought we could have postcards with tick boxes to complete as people had during WW1. We know we’re going to be very busy with all of this work.

In the second part of the session we looked at our selected themes for dramatising and then wrote creatively in response to some of these. You can read some of the pieces we produced here.