Sculpture Project gets underway

We had a meeting to discuss what we need to consider when thinking about designs for our planned sculpture in the Principal’s Garden. Our aim is to have the sculpture commemorate WW1 and so it was important to begin by looking at other commemorative works of art. Our session was led by Assistant Principal James Woodcock. We were also joined by some members of the South Cambridgeshire Decorative and Fine Arts Society, the organisation which is working with us to support the project. Artist Neil Jones, a former pupil and London-based sculptor, who has been chosen to undertake this commission, also joined our meeting as did Bryan Howe, archivist from Sawston Village History Society.

As well as looking at images of other commemorative artworks, we also considered different questions, such as:

What is our sculpture for?
Who is it for?
What mood should it convey?

It was a very interesting discussion and it was good for pupils to work with different members of the community to discuss these issues.